Hello everyone! This is the first part of ‘Little ways for change up your look’. I usually dress like an old women so, these little ways for change the look, helps me to look more modernThere are so simply and easys. 

Here is my YouTube video about it. In this video you can find one tip that is not here (in this post) so… let watch it!

Well, let’s get started!

  1. FALSE PIERCING: I do this with wire. Cute 3 cm of wire and shave it like a ‘U’. And ta-da! You have a beautiful false piercing. I used it on septum!

2. EYESHADOW LIPSTICK: You can use any eyeshadow that you want. This ‘lipstick’ stay for many hours. You can see how I do that in the video.

3. BODY CHAIN: I usually wear simple clothes so, when I use body chains my look changes completly. It looks so cool.

4. HEADSCARF: Tie a headscarf in your hair and your look will be cool and different. Simple, economical and fun idea.


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